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Video Shelf Talkers

Add video to any instore marketing campaign by attaching a Video Shelf Talker to retail POP displays. Activated by a motion sensor or push button, the LCD advertising player will display promotional videos to the potential client at the point-of-purchase. Internal or external battery permits deployment when there is no access to a power outlet on the retail floor. Many styles to choose, all displays can be customized to meet specific campaign requirements.

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The VSTP101M3AC is a 10-inch electronic shelf talker with a digital video ad player for shelf edge retail displays. Powered by D-cell alkaline batteries, this solution allows easy onsite battery replacement for extended marketing campaigns.


The VST101M3L8 is a battery powered 10" LCD sign with integrated signage player that attaches to a retail shelf or retail display. Rechargeable 8000mah internal lithium battery allows for integration into any retail POP display regardless of access to a wall power outlet


The VSTP070M3L6-C is a perfect visual marketing solution for retail displays or retail shelf marketing. The battery powered PVC core lcd shelf talker has a built-in 7-inch video advertising monitor that can play up to a 2 minute video at the point-of-sale.


The VST101M3L10-IPS is a lithium-ion battery powered electronic sign with integrated LCD video media player that mounts to an instore aisle shelf or retail marketing display. The high grade 1080P IPS LCD panel insures crisp and clear video images at the point of sale.


The VSTP070M3AC is a point of purchase sign with an internal LCD video player that attaches to a store shelf or visual marketing display.


The VST101M3AC is a printed corrugated pallet header with integrated 10-inch video player. The LCD pallet header is the ultimate low cost digital solution for instore marketing on quarter pallet displays.


The VSTP050M3L6-C is a small 5-inch LCD video player for temporary instore visual marketing campaigns. This cost effective PVC core LCD sign can play a 5 minute video with audio. Attach this digital sign to a retail shelf, tabletop display, power wing or add video to any existing retail display.


The VST070M3L6 is a 7-inch temporary digital sign that mounts directly onto retail displays. EVA foam core shelf talkers are unique because they include the ability to play up to 2 minutes of promotional video using a motion sensor to trigger playback.


Add a promotional video to any retail marketing display and improve the client experience at the point of purchase. The VST043M3L6 is a retail marketing video player with low cost EVA foam core and 350g paper wrap housing for instore shelf advertising.


The VST070M3AC is a cardboard printed sign with integrated video player that attaches to a retail display. The 7-inch video shelf talker is powered by an AC power plug and includes electronics to play promotional videos and print in the same EVA foam core housing.


The VSTP043M3AC is a low cost PVC core housing with digital screen for instore marketing campaigns. The integrated 4.3-inch LCD video player plays promotional videos at the point of sale and is built into a printed PVC housing with motion sensor.


The low cost VST050M3L6 is a small video shelf talker for visual marketing campaigns that can play up to a 5 minute video at the point-of-sale. EVA foam core and 350g paperwrap with a 5-inch LCD video player and speaker can be added to any retail marketing display.