7" Digital Sign for Retail
  • 7" Digital Sign for Retail
  • VST070M3L6
  • VST070M3L6


The VST070M3L6 is a 7-inch temporary digital sign that mounts directly onto retail displays. EVA foam core digital shelf talkers include the ability to play up to 5 minutes of promotional video using a motion sensor to trigger playback. Internal rechargeable 6000mAh lithium battery allows for video marketing campaigns at the point-of-sale regardless of access to a power plug. The USB Type-A input allows easy content updating in the field without needing to connect to a PC. Optional internal battery sizes and the use of external battery packs allow for deployment for extended instore promotional campaigns.

This digital POP sign can add video to any end cap display, freestanding retail display, pegboard or shelf display. The 350g paper wrapped retail sign is easy to setup and requires no programming. Simple to install, low cost and easy to use, this popular digital marketing display combines video advertisements and audio content to play informational videos at the point-of-sale.