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The plastic battery case with wire lead designed to hold three D-cell batteries offers a convenient and reliable power solution for digital signs. This battery case is specifically tailored for applications where a portable and self-contained power source is required. Equipped with wire leads, the battery case allows for easy connectivity to the digital sign. The wire leads enable a simple and efficient connection between the battery case and the sign, ensuring a stable power supply. By utilizing D-cell batteries, the battery case offers an extended runtime for the digital sign. D-cell batteries are known for their higher energy capacity, making them suitable for applications that require sustained power over an extended period. 


The 5V power supply designed to plug into a wall outlet provides a convenient and efficient solution for powering a video shelf talker. This power supply is specifically tailored to meet the electrical requirements of the video shelf talker and ensure seamless operation. With a compact and user-friendly design, the 5V power supply is easy to connect and use. It features a standard wall plug that can be inserted into any standard electrical outlet, eliminating the need for additional adapters or complicated setup procedures. This ensures a reliable and stable power source, enabling the video display to function optimally. The consistent power supply helps maintain the quality of the visuals and ensures smooth playback of video content.


The battery case designed for video shelf talkers, equipped with an on-off switch and a lid, offers a convenient and versatile power solution. Featuring an integrated on-off switch, the battery case allows users to easily control the power supply to the video shelf talker. With a simple flick of the switch, the device can be powered on or off, providing immediate control over the energy flow. The lid serves as a shield against dust, moisture, and accidental contact, safeguarding the batteries and ensuring reliable performance. Portable and compact, the battery case offers flexibility in positioning the video shelf talker without the constraints of a power outlet.This ensures smooth video playback and captivates viewers with high-quality visuals


The small rechargeable lithium battery is designed to power a video shelf talker for shelf edge advertising in retail stores offers a compact and efficient power solution. This lithium battery combines high energy density, portability, and longevity to enable captivating video displays and enhance customer engagement. With its small form factor, the lithium battery is specifically designed to fit seamlessly within the video shelf talker, ensuring a discreet and unobtrusive power source. Despite its compact size, the lithium battery packs a high energy density, providing sufficient power to drive the video display for extended periods. Lithium batteries are known for their exceptional energy storage capabilities, allowing for longer run times compared to traditional battery technologies.