Cardboard LCD Sign

The VST070M3AC is a cardboard printed sign with integrated video player that attaches to a retail display. The 7-inch video shelf talker is powered by an AC power plug and includes electronics to play promotional videos and print in the same EVA foam core housing. Motion activated ad player limits noise pollution at the point-of-sale and triggers content playback when consumers are within 3ft of the POP display.

Instore marketing departments can use this full color solution as a low cost and easy to setup digital aisle violator at multiple retail locations nationwide. Simple to install and easy to use, this ultra thin visual marketing solution is a very effective marketing tool that combines digital LCD video ads, custom graphics and audio. Optional external lithium battery allows for applications where no power plug is available.

LCD Sign for Corrugated Retail Displays

Printed POP Player

A point of purchase video player provides digital video content on the retail floor where purchasing decisions are made. Potential clients learn about the unique features of your product without the need of a sales specialist on-site to convey the message.

Battery Powered Sign

LCD video signs can be powered using lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Built-in battery allows placement at any location on the retail floor without the need for a wall outlet. External long life battery cases can extend the usage without the need to recharge.

Vertical Shelf Talker

Adding promotional videos to a POP display using vertical messaging is a way to improve user experience. More print collateral along with a video display advertisement draws the clients attention and bears a complete message at the point-of-sale.