Small Retail Sign

The VSTP043B1AC is an effective POS display with integrated 4.3-inch LCD advertising screen that attaches to a retail shelf or retail merchandising display. The PVC designed digital shelf talker is unique because it includes electronics to play promotional videos and print in the same housing. Simply press play button and the promotional video is played on the store shelf display. Optional external battery case allows for deployment even when there is no access to a wall plug.

An excellent choice for nationwide retail marketing campaigns, this temporary merchandising solution is easy to setup and requires no programming at the location. Reproduction of up to a 2 minute video and audio segment, this tool is a very effective marketing component that combines digital LCD video ads and audio messages.

Small Digital Sign

Printed POP Player

A point of purchase video player provides digital video content on the retail floor where purchasing decisions are made. Potential clients learn about the unique features of your product without the need of a sales specialist on-site to convey the message.

Battery Powered Sign

LCD video signs can be powered using lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Built-in battery allows placement at any location on the retail floor without the need for a wall outlet. External long life battery cases can extend the usage without the need to recharge.

Vertical Shelf Talker

Adding promotional videos to a POP display using vertical messaging is a way to improve user experience. More print collateral along with a video display advertisement draws the clients attention and bears a complete message at the point-of-sale.