Battery Powered AD Player

The VST070B1AC is a 7" LCD digital sign with integrated media player that attaches to a retail display. The ultralight digital advertising screen is activated by a single push button and includes a speaker for the audio portion. This is a plug and play device with no WIFI or programming required. External battery allows for deployment when there is no accessible power outlet. Measuring only 8.25"(w) x 6"(h), the unit can be placed as needed without taking up valuable real estate on the retail floor. Also available with motion sensor - See VST070M3AC.

7-Inch Advertising Screen

Battery Powered

Powered by an external battery case on a wire lead (QTY3 D-cell), the 7-inch digital sign can be placed at any location on the retail floor without the need for a wall outlet. Push button activation maintains battery life when there is no captive audience.

Silent Salesperson

Add promotional video content on the retail floor where purchasing decisions are made. Potential clients learn about the unique features of the product without the need of a sales specialist on-site to convey the message. Play button activation means the captive audience will see the message.

Low Cost Design

Cost effective design for temporary in-store marketing campaigns. EVA foam core and 350g paper wrap are the digital equivilant to a corrugated display. Many standard styles to choose or create a custom design with our digital solution. Also available with a larger 10" LCD and full color print.