Instore LCD Video Player

Touchless Playback

Motion Activated Sign

Motion Activated

Interactive Video Player

Push Button Digital Shelf Display

Push Button Activated

4.3" Video Shelf Talker 4.3-Inch Shelf Talker Sign

This 4.3-inch digital sign can attach to a retail shelf, aisle POP display or acrylic retail display. Low power LCD signage player displays promotional advertising videos at the point-of-sale. Integrated rechargeable 6000mAh battery allows for deployment even when there is no access to a wall plug power outlet.

7" Video Shelf Talker 7-Inch Digital Signs

The battery powered LCD shelf talker has a built-in 7-inch video advertising monitor and motion sensor that activates playback when captive audience is near. 6000mAh internal battery allows for promotional marketing activities where no access to a wall plug power outlet is available.

10" Digital Shelf Talker Motion Activated Digital Sign

A printed corrugated pallet header with integrated 10-inch video player. The LCD pallet header is the ultimate low cost digital solution for instore marketing on quarter pallet displays. External AC power supply or battery case offers extended number of playbacks at the point-of-sale.