Add Video to any Product POP Display...FAQ

Video shelf talkers come standard with a single push button for playback or a touchless motion activated sensor. Other options include internal rechargeable battery, AC power cord, external long life battery case, store shelf brackets, paperback or hardened printed PVC housings and a multitude of shapes and sizes.
All products are made to order. Most products requiere a MOQ100 production order however, in some cases smaller orders can be accepted. We can provide samples of our solutions and for standard product maybe able to accomodate small batches depending on the workload at time of order.
MOQ500 orders typically take around 45 days for delivery to your facility in the USA, MOQ2000+ typically increase this leadtime to around 60 days depending on current production levels. We always try to minimize leadtime when possible and recommend discussing your timelines with a project manager. Samples are often in stock for immediate shipment while custom designs take around 30 days.
Designing custom shaped video shelf talkers can add value to brands at the point of purchase. The video shelf talker can be designed into any shape desired. Send us your intial concept for revision!
We recommend that you contact us directly with your inquiry for MOQ orders. Send us your intial concept for revison if you are creating your own design. We should be able to provide you a verbal quotation immediately.
The battery life of the in-store video display is based on the actual battery size, LCD screen size and video content. We have multiple options to meet your demand. For example, our 10" solution with 8000mAh internal battery and motion sensor can play a 20-second video around 2000-2500 times before needing the be recharged.
Integration is fairly straightforward and depends if the campaign is using a new marketing display or existing retail display. Please discuss this with your sales representative.
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